Poem: Settling

Sometimes a picture’s

the difference it makes.

Beauty you look at

gets you through the day.

Chamber of stillness

in prosaic life:

Beauty you look at

can help you survive.

Then comes vacation.

You can get away:

enter the beauty,

if just for a day.

Surrounded by aspens

on a mountain hike:

Beauty you live in

brings you back to life.

Back from vacation,

re-enter the grey.

Beauty you live in

seems so far away.

Back to the picture

but make no mistake:

Beauty you look at

just isn’t the same.

8 thoughts on “Poem: Settling

    1. My world is not grey at this moment. Since moving West, the beauty is right out my front window, and I am grateful.

      I wrote this when living in a very difficult city with no beauty in easy reach. I received a small print of a lovely painting, and it refreshed me. I posted the poem because this is an experience we can all relate to from time to time.


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