Kitchen Bulletin Board Poetry

My poetry board at the old place

What kind of thing goes on your kitchen bulletin board?

Well, recipes, obviously. Maybe a calendar. I have another, larger bulletin board that houses library and trash collection schedules, photos of friends and family, Christmas letters, things like that. But something else that I need around me is poetry.

A poem is the sort of thing you feed on. You take a moment to stand still and read it to yourself, slowly, like a deep breath for your mind in the middle of the day.

As you can see, on this bulletin board, I have:

  • Two recipes (pancakes, pie crust. The essentials)
  • A hand-drawn portrait of buttered toast, done by a toast-loving kid,
  • “Dill with it,” which was a gift from a loved one who knows my love for dill and script,
  • And four poems. One is Tableau by Countee Cullen, which I think of whenever my blond son plays with his friend …
  • One is one of my own, Theophany, which I wrote for a friend who was going through a hard time and then never sent to her …
  • One is a scrap of poetry posted by a fellow blogger from his collection Bone Antler Stone, which I had to print out because it grabbed me by the throat with its beauty …
  • And one is actually the lyrics to a hymn, Jesus I My Cross Have Taken, in case I need to refocus during the day.

It’s actually kind of rare that I have four poems up at once, but these four give you a good sense of the range of things that might, at any time, appear upon my bulletin board.

What poems, (say, within the last month), would you have liked to post in your kitchen?

5 thoughts on “Kitchen Bulletin Board Poetry

    1. I was going to post an image, but haven’t figured out how to do that in a comment yet.

      None of the buttons work!

      At this point, my b-board is just a small chalkboard with Ps. 119: 161 – 162 written on it.


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