4 thoughts on “For All You Writers

    1. Imagine a continuum of writerly motivations. On the far left would be “I want my book to get on Oprah, top the NYT bestseller list, and make millions of dollars.” On the far right would be, “I don’t care if anyone ever reads my work. I just want to improve my craft and write the book to my own satisfaction.”

      I’m in the middle.

      I want readers. I’m not ashamed to admit it. Writing, like all art, is about bringing transformation to people. Nobody has a chance to be transformed by your work if they never get to read it.

      I might even be slightly to the left of the center of this particular continuum. I’d like to bring a moderate stream of income to our family. And, if a book is published and then doesn’t sell well, you have a harder time publishing the next one. Which, again, translates into “no readers.”


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