Happy Independence Day

May I suggest that tomorrow you read the full text of the Declaration of Independence. It has been noted that, as it lists the King of Britain’s “repeated injuries and usurpations,” the Declaration implies a whole philosophy of governance. President Lincoln found in it principles that could be extrapolated to outlaw slavery. In fact, an early draft of the Declaration added the encouragement of the slave trade to the list of the King’s crimes.

Our family’s big copy of the Declaration, printed in old-fashion script on fake parchment, is packed away in anticipation of our coming move. When we go to read it, I’ll have to go to the Khan Academy web site instead.

2 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day

    1. We are still in our present location.

      Where is in the process of being decided even as we speak. Prayers appreciated.

      Regarding When, probably during the month of August. I have blog posts planned for the remainder of July. I will then, following Dave Rubin, take an Off the Grid August, which will also give us time to move. Posts will resume, Lord willing, in September.


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