The Nomadic Lifestyle

I will have to take a blog hiatus at some point this summer, because our family will be moving house.

Of course, I have moved before …

On an airplane with a baby
On a moving truck with a toddler
In an airport in Asia with kids who have taken their shirts off because they both threw up on the plane

I do not relish it.

The nomadic lifestyle is one of those things that sounds really romantic when you first hear about it (Gypsies! Mongols! Pirates!), but that in real life kind of stinks.

I put my characters through a nomadic lifestyle, and they don’t particularly relish it either. Here’s what the main character of my first book, Enmer, has to say:

“It is always a confused time, departing for a trip, and also a time when people are rubbed raw by the many things they must of think of, and the many things they are leaving.  So they are quicker to excitement, sorrow, or anger.”

Enmer, The Long Guest

The other problem with being on the move is that while it lasts, it makes you very vulnerable in terms of … everything. Food, water, medicine, normal routines. Security. This is especially true for families.

Just being forced to move can itself be a form of oppression. There are many historical examples of cases where groups were forced to move and it did not end well. Maybe I’ll post about those some time.

But for now, don’t get me wrong. I am not complaining. My family and I are not being forced, and we have had plenty of warning about this move and will also, I trust, have plenty of help. I just wanted to give you a heads up about it, give a little plug for my book (one of the points of the this site, after all), and post some of my funny old pictures.

Do you have any tips, cautionary tales, or fun moving stories?

4 thoughts on “The Nomadic Lifestyle

  1. BlackSheep

    I hate the process of moving but it can be exciting getting a fresh change of scene. Good luck and don’t pack the kitchen knives loosely in a cardboard box.

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