9 thoughts on “Another Argument for Design

  1. BlackSheep

    Great article. Thanks for sharing. I’m not sure why he shied away from saying intelligent design. His biography says he is a devout Christian. Have you read his book? Only $9.99 for Kindle!

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    1. Hi, Black Sheep, thanks for the visit.

      No, I have not read his book. I have not been keeping up with the design literature, which is apparently booming. There is so much good stuff out there.

      I imagine that he has a rationale for using “foresight” instead of “design” (perhaps laid out in his book?). Sometimes words experience connotation creep and we have to find a new term to convey the same concept.

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      1. BlackSheep

        I think you’re probably right about the reasoning on connotation creep, although it could be a simple as English not being his first language… It looks like an interesting book. While I don’t buy into the stories of the Holy Bible, I do see intelligent design as a real possibility due to the complexity of they systems of life. I think I would find this book to be an interesting read (although I’m already reading a book).

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  2. Jen,

    Very interesting post. The guys is sneaking up on ‘proving’ the Bible’s right! Frankly, not a shock, but still nice to see. What perplexes me is why you are pursuing this subject? Does it have to do with your writing, or just something you’re interested in?



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    1. I am interested in a lot of things. 🙂

      Questions about evolution and design do have an indirect bearing on my writing. The way we write about history changes depending on whether we think people started out as apes and advanced, or whether they started out as smarter and stronger than we are now, and degenerated. Also, the question of whether the human mind was designed is a very important one that affects our psychology, epistemology, and storytelling. And all these things bear on questions of what it means to be human, which I have blogged about before.

      But mostly, I just linked to the article because I thought it was well-expressed and interesting.


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