Now, Please Enjoy This Delightful Navajo Legend

“[This episode] is often part of the Navajo emergence stories. It usually takes place in the fourth world, the one immediately below the present world. Domestic strife, adultery, and quarreling between the sexes characterize the relationship between men and women throughout the emergence journey. It is finally decided that men and women must separate and get along without one another. The men cross the river, leaving the women on one side while they go to live on the other.

“At first all goes well. The women live by agriculture, the men by hunting. Eventually the women experience crop failure and begin to starve, while the men realize they are all growing older and that their existence is threatened because they cannot reproduce themselves. … In time, each sex realizes that its existence is interdependent with the other and they are happily reunited.

“Hopi and other tribes have similar stories.”

Source: Dictionary of Native American Mythology, ed. Sam D. Gill & Irene F. Sullivan, Oxford University Press, 1992, pp 265 – 266

I love men. I am married to one. I have also given birth to a few of them. But nevertheless, this story makes me laugh because I can relate. Can you relate? Sometimes dealing with the opposite sex is just difficult.

In this video, Alistair Roberts talks about why women and men need each other and also about why when we get together in same-sex groups, our group cultures are very different.

4 thoughts on “Now, Please Enjoy This Delightful Navajo Legend

  1. Benjamin Ledford

    Good talk by Alastair. I was just recommending him to the college guys as one of the resources to sharpen their thinking on issues of marriage and sexuality.


      1. Benjamin Ledford

        He has a book coming out in October that I’m expecting to be very good.

        Since the way that theology typically gets clarified and sharpened is by response to heresy, I’m looking forward to the strengthening and refinement of our theology of the sexes in response to the madness of the sexual revolution. Alastair certainly seems to be on the leading edge of that.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Thanks for posting that link, Ben!

          So much sand is being thrown in the air over this issue that it can be really hard to think clearly about it. Alistair is not afraid to take an hour, if he needs to, in order to lay a foundation and make careful distinctions.

          Go out and buy the book, everybody!

          By the way this is a completely unsolicited, unpaid, disinterested plug coming from nothing other than sheer appreciation. Just like all my book reviews.

          Liked by 1 person

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